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To 'The Many' and 'The Least of These'

Posted by Pastor Phil Wood on

In a Witness a few Sundays ago I shared a dedication, profound in its simplicity, written by the late Dr. Mortimer Arias, who died on December 17th this last year at the age of 92.  At the begin- ning of his book, Announcing the Reign of God: Evangelization and the Subversive Memory of Jesus, we read,


The first outline of this book took shape while I was incommunicado in a military ambulance in my adoptive country in Latin America, while waiting long hours for what my captors and interrogators were going to decide about my future.  I dedicate these pages to the many unher- alded witnesses of Christ, the true martyrs who put their lives on the line for their Lord and their people, to denounce anything that opposes God’s purpose for humanity, and to announce and incarnate the reign of God in our troubled world.

No matter who we are, nor what age or station in life we might ascend to, we are always being called by God’s Spirit to be “the many unheralded witnesses”, putting our time, our energies, our tal- ents, and yes, even our reputations, on the line daily to exemplify the Mercy, the Justice, and the Compassion of God in Jesus Christ, to and with whom we live.

So as we draw nearer to Ash Wednesday on March 1st, let us utilize the hours of this month to prepare ourselves to enter into the Lenten Season in a more faithful and profound way this year. And with no excuses…

See you in Church!