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I Want To Be Better

Posted by Pastor Phil Wood on

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

I share this from Meditations of the Heart by Howard Thurman:

I Want to be Better

The concern which I lay bare before God today is my need to be better:

I want to be better than I am in my most ordinary day-by-day contacts:

  • With my friends
  • With my family
  • With my casual contacts
  • With my business relations
  • With my associates in work and play.  

I want to be better than I am in the responsibilities that are mine: 

  • I am conscious of many petty resentments. 
  • I am conscious of increasing hostility toward certain people. 
  • I am conscious of the effort to be pleasing for effect, not because it is a genuine feeling on my part. 
  • I am conscious of a tendency to shift to other shoulders burdens that are clearly my own.

I want to be better in the quality of my religious experiences: 

  • I want to develop a sensitiveness to the will of God in my own life. 
  • I want to develop a charitableness toward my fellows that is far greater even than my most exaggerated pretensions. 
  • I want to be better than I am.

I lay bare this need and this desire before God in the quietness of this moment.

May your journey through this Season of Eastertide be blessed with growth and renewal!

See you in Church!