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Beginning Again

Posted by Pastor Phil Wood on

As we enter into this second year together, and in preparation for the beginning of our Fall program, I always find that it helpful for me to review where we have been, to make alterations and adjustments, then turn forward and not allow the past to become the present nor the future.

And so to begin, let me first apologize for anything and everything that I might have done or left undone, to have hurt, ignore, dismiss, or overlook anyone that caused sadness or grief in the life of our Church Family. While I have not intended to do so I know that I can be focused upon one goal, one perception, and in the process become unaware of how my actions affect others. I am sorry. And if there is anyone to whom I owe a specific apology, I invite you to speak to me personally that I might have the time with you, together.

Second, it is time for us to sense the mission that God is calling us to inside and outside the walls of the Church. We begin from a deeper perception of the activity of God's grace in our lives and in the world. Our task is no longer to save the Church. Instead, our opportunity is to move in all aspects of programming and outreach as Methodists, people known for activities that meet needs and not desires, and to not become mired in debate about what is appropriate or inappropriate ministry. We are called to expend all of our energies in recreating a holy place of mercy, justice, and compassion for all, placing our entire being in God's hands. As faithful disciples we do not bury our talents to preserve them any longer, instead, we risk everything we are in faithful expressions of gratitude to the Holy One who has never let us fall.

And so, I invite you to begin again, with me. With the past assessed and learned from, with the present clearly discerned, and with the future awaiting, grace abounds.

Let us not flinch!